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Alison and N. Proliferation occurs in the first prostatita apasă pe rect of postnatal life, after loss of homologous tissue and after carcinogen treatment.

T h e response to cytosine arabinoside and hydroxyurea has been monitored in these three models of liver growth. These drugs cause an immediate inhibition of D N A synthesis in the regenerating liver, this inhibition lasts for about 5h and upon resumption I, initially overshoots control values.

No necrosis was observed in the liver despite t h e fact that D N A synthesis was inhibited for the same duration as observed in a variety of other cell populations where cell death was an inevitable outcome.

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This resistance to the necrotizing actions of these drugs was unique to the liver and was not shared by other GO populations triggered into the proliferative cycle. A similar pattern of response was observed in the livers of day-old rats where a continually cycling population rather than a Go population most accurately describes the proliferative status.

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Diethylnitrosamine induced preneoplastic foci exhibit many enzyme abnormalities, however they respond in a similar manner to that previously described. Evidently the metabolism of antimetabolites is not altered. MacSween and F. Dische Western Infirmary, Gfasgow and Dulwich Hospital, London A severe and sometimes fatal hepato-renal syndrome associated with the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug benoxaprofen was first reported in May T h e morphological features, based on an examination of personal cases and of material submitted to us for histological review, are presented and possible mechanisms for the peculiar hepato-renal toxicity are discussed.

T h e hepatic changes comprised a severe, predominantly cannalicular cholestasis diffuse in distribution and with unusual concretions in cannaliculi and cholangioles. I n some cases similar concretions were present in small and intermediate sized bile ducts. Bile retention and degenerative changes were noted in hepatocytes but there was only a mild hepatitic reaction.

T h e renal changes were consistent with 'functional' renal failure or with ischaemic tubular damage. Ir: most patients normal size prostate gland with concretions lumens contained globular hyaline bodies, some of which had attracted normal size prostate gland with concretions cellular response.

T h e glomeruli showed n o unusual features and interstitial inflammatory infiltration was slight or insignificant. Goate, K. Al-Saigh and J. McGee Nuffield Department of Pathology, Uniuersity of Oxford, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford Intermediate filaments were prepared from normal human livers and from two cell-lines, Hela and chimp liver cells, using a method which relied o n their insolubility in high salvdetergent buffers.

All three antibodies reacted with a single 50Kband in liver and cultured cell intermediate filaments but only KM-1 reacted with prekeratins of skin; the other monoclonals did not react with skin epidermis.

JMB2 and KM-1 antigen while showing some homology with cytokeratins by immunoblotting cannot be true cytokeratins since they a r e colchicine sensitive. Al-Saigh, A. Each M B preparation was shown to b e entirely pure by electron microscopy. The histological features in a series of cases of PSC will be reviewed, features which essentially comprise a chronic nonsuppurative fibrotic obliteration of bile ducts. The appearances will be compared with those seen in primary biliary cirrhosis a disease in which there is also destruction and eventual loss of bile ducts.

The relationships between PSC, secondary sclerosing cholangitis and so called pericholangitis will be critically reviewed. Familial cases of PSC and cases complicated by cholangiocarcinoma of the liver will be briefly outlined. Barbatis," H. Shepherd," R. Chapman,'' J. Jewell 2 and J. M ~ C i e e ' ~ Department normal size prostate gland with concretions Pathology''Lewisham Hospital, London, Departments of Gastroenterology and Nuffield 2 and Department of Path~logy'~John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford Routine follow-up of patients with chronic ulcerative colitis revealed 19 patients with elevated alkaline normal size prostate gland with concretions on at least 2 occasions while in clinical remission.

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ERCP and liver biopsy were performed and the diagnosis of sclerosing cholangitis was made. The 'diagnostic' histological lesion of sclerosing cholangitis is 'periductal concentric fibrosis' of the small interlobular and medium sized biliary ducts even in the absence of significant inflammation.

It seems that sclerosing cholangitis is a chronic destructive nongranulomatous inflammation, primarily affecting the intra- and extra-hepatic biliary tree.

This process leads to segmental stenosis of the intra-hepatic large bile ducts, destruction and total disappearance of the smaller intra-hepatic biliary tree and may lead to secondary biliary cirrhosis.

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Piecemeal necrosis is invariably present. The distinct histological features of sclerosing cholangitis and its differential diagnosis from other chronic inflammatory liver diseases will be discussed. The high prevalence of HLA B,DR, and lack of association with age, sex, duration or severity of ulcerative colitis implicate immunologically determined pathogenic mechanisms.

Berrisford, M. Wells and M. The effectiveness of such a barrier involving a pH gradient is probably related to its thickness. The aim of this study is to investigate the time course of mucin depletion following aspirin administration. At post mortem. The epithelial mucin content was measured in areas of intact mucosa using a Vickers M Microdensitometer.

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OOl after 3 h with gradual resynthesis thereafter. Acid mucins were significantly depleted after 5 h 0. These results suggest that a reduction in epithelial mucin precedes histologically evident aspirin-induced damage. The implications of these findings will be discussed in the context of the 'mucus-bicarbonate barrier' hypothesis.

Sloan, P. Watt, T. Kennedy and J. Donaldson Departments of Pathology and Surgery, Queen's University, Belfast An increased incidence of gastric carcinoma following gastric surgery has been reported. In a study of patients who have undergone gastric surgery 10 remedii eficiente pentru prostatita forum more years previously, 66 patients have been examined to date.

Gastric biopsies have been assessed for gastritis, mucosal dysplasia and carcinoma.

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There is a high incidence of gastritis especially in the region of the stoma. An association between raised nitrite levels in gastric juice and increased incidence of gastric carcinoma has been suggested.

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Fasting samples of gastric juice taken simultaneously with biopsies were analysed for pH and nitrite levels. Our preliminary results indicate an association between marked gastric dysplasia and raised levels of gastric juice p H and nitrite.

Bramble," S. The early phase of the response to gluten, in sensitive individuals, might therefore be illuminating. Ten patients with coeliac disease in clinical remission formed the gluten sensitive population, and 6 individuals with n o clinical or histological evidence of coeliac disease formed the control population.

Так или иначе он несомненно добрался бы до этой точки - точки, где сходились все радиальные улицы города. Ему понадобилось всего десять минут, чтобы обнаружить, что они встречаются здесь не только из соображений симметрии - десять минут, чтобы понять, что долгий поиск вознагражден. Проследить за Элвином и Хедроном, не привлекая к себе внимания, Алистре удалось без труда. Они страшно торопились - что само по себе было необычно - и ни разу не обернулись. Преследовать их по движущимся путям, скрываясь в толпе, было занятным развлечением.

Each had the fraction of gluten instilled into the upper jejunum, equivalent to 25g of gluten. Several jejunal biopsies were taken frequently over 24 h, and assayed for lactase, maltase and alkaline phosphatase activity using standard methods, and for crypt and villus populations by a microdissection method.

The villus population fell from f to f cells after 4 h pC0.

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The crypt population was increased pC0. None of the parameters measured were significantly changed in controls. Kurian, G-L. Ferri, J. De Mey" and J. Although 5-HTcontaining neurones have also been demonstrated in the human gut, they have been poorly investigated, due to the lack normal size prostate gland with concretions simple techniques for their demonstration.

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We therefore studied fresh surgical samples of jejunum, ileum and colon from bowel resection. Cryostat sections were stained by the indirect immunofluorescence method.

Serotonin-immunoreactive nerves at all sites were present mainly in the myenteric ganglia and in the submucosa.

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They appeared as fine fibres scattered in the myenteric ganglia, or as occasional long fibres, traversing the smooth muscle layer. In the submucosa, short varicose 5-HT-immunoreactive nerve fibres were seen in the vicinity of ganglia.

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Gut 5-HT-containing neurones have been suggested to be interneurones, regulating both excitatory and inhibitory enteric neurones. The immunocytochemical delineation of 5-HT-containing neurones is expected to prove very useful for the study of human disease conditions affecting the enteric nervous system, like Chagas' and Hirschsprung's disease and possibly various poorly understood disorders of intestinal motility.

Senior, J. Sunter, D. Appleton'' and A. Watson Departments of Pathology and Medical Statistics," University of Newcastle upon Tyne, N E l 4LP Parenteral administration of dimethylhydrazine results in the production of colonic neoplasms preceded by a hyperplastic state.

Using a development of an organ culture system previously used to maintain murine and human mucosae, we have compared the behaviour of colonic mucosa from both normal and treated rats in culture for up to 25 days.

Progressive changes involving loss of cytoplasmic m u c h were seen in the first six days. Areas of good preservation contrasted with areas of crypt loss.

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The majority of explants survived to twenty days, with recognisable crypts present in many at twenty-five days. A feature of this later stage was the tendency for some crypts to take o n a tortuous 'adenomatous' appearance suggesting a modification of cell proliferation.

The pre-neoplastic mucosa showed identical changes to that from normal rats; malignant transformation is not favoured in vitro despite the presence of hyperplastic and dysplastic crypts in culture. Hopwood, P. Ross, G. Milne and I. Bouchier Departments of Pathology and Medicine, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee Lipids may be demonstrated in the cholecystitic gallbladder epithelium, yet little is known of their origin.

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To investigate the in vivo physiology of lipid uptake by gallbladder epithelium, guinea pigs and mice were used. At laparotomy, under barbituate anaesthesia, a cholecystotomy was performed. Bile was replaced by oleic acid: taurocholate in phosphate buffered saline. Animals were killed at 5, 10 and 20 rnin.

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Controls consisted of phosphate buffered saline or taurocholate in phosphate buffered saline. In some animals, the oleic acid was dissolved in autologous bile and placed in the gallbladder. The gallbladder was fixed in osmium tetroxide, which renders the unsaturated oleic acid electron dense, and processed for electron microscopy.

Video de post prostatic Ceai cu lămâie pentru prostatită Prostate massage is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for medical purposes or sexual stimulation. The prostate takes part in the sexual response cycle, and is essential for the production of kitebu. PA is a localized collection of purulent fluid within the prostate, often as a complication of ABP.

Ultrastructural examination revealed electron dense deposits, not present in controls, at 5 min in apical vesicles and Golgi apparatus.

By 10 min, small electron dense droplets had appeared in the lateral intercellular space. By 20 min, large droplets had appeared within the epithelial cytoplasm, whilst smaller droplets were seen by the capillaries in the lamina propria.

This suggests a rapid uptake and transport of oleic acid by normal gallbladder epithelium.

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Walton, T. Almond and M. Robinson Department of Investigative Pathology, University of Birmingham Fibronectin FN occurs as a soluble protein in plasma, as well as in insoluble form in the connective tissues of many species, Plasma FN has previously been shown to form in uitro complexes with collagen, fibrin ogen and certain charged colloids, including heparin.

We have found that high molecular weight ca. The model has allowed normal size prostate gland with concretions study of the dynamics of changes in plasma FN levels which accompany clearance of the complexes from the circulation and also of the time relations of subsequent cellular disposal of individual components of the complexes.

Similar studies have been carried out of the involvement of FN in the opsonic disposal of aggregated immunoglobulin and of certain immune complexes. Ridley, D. Ridley and D. Willoughby Hospital for Tropical Diseases and St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London Mycobacterial granulomas arise from an interplay of antigen load and toxicity and antigen-antibody ratio with cell mediated immunity and delayed hypersensitivity. This study examines the role of immune complexes in the pathogenesis of the granuloma in normal size prostate gland with concretions.

An experimental model will by described to trace events leading to the exacerbation of disease as a result of deposited rather than circulating immune complexes, and the consequential necrosis or stimulation of the macrophage which follows. Ridley and Marian J. Necrosis accounts for the most rapid elimination of parasites. It only occurs at an appropriate parasite load and at peak antibody level.

It is suggested that it is due to immune complex formation on the macrophage surface. Lymphocytes appear to be important mainly in the late resolving stage. The form of response depends partly on the taxonomy of the prostatita si cicoare. In visceral leishmaniasis one finds mainly the intact macrophage response but sometimes incomplete lysis.